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Don't be afraid from the rains.We have unvisible umbrella under each models:))
You will admire the negotiation with transporters and packing  when the goods are at the point of delivery.

You can't understand whether it is working or not.Our fans are quite.
You won't be surprised when your product arrive at your factory.The product is it what we said. !!!
Don't think a lot about it.Trust us.
We are waiting for your  offers.
Bad smells should be afraid of you :)
Except roof fans,all of the models can be assembly at every angel.Our ball bearings are 1.quality.No matter 40000 hour  working.

Fan is our job.Spend your time with your friends and your family.

Why crazy snail ?

We started to search for solutions in foreign companies after we get bored from fans which are produced from cheap material, unprotected, without quality, easily broken, getting wet in the rain and easily caused lack of circulation cutting, in short time correding, not resistant to greasy, dust, dirt and lack of design fans. Then we realized that new brands come into the market.
We thought to produce fans with different designs,c olours. We requested from our friends who are going frequently abroad to bring us samples and thanks to them we get.  How about other companies think like us ? They will be devoid of  getting this products.We thought in 2003 March to stop this  !!  And created GURVENT brand which is favorite to  fan users in Turkey . Then we started producing 1. quality Gurvent brand industrial fans.
Since that time, Gurvent  "Crazy snail " became 1.quality in Turkey. We decided to provide spare parts in 1 day not 15-30 days.

There are so many models, colour and size combinations in Gurvent products that you can find every fans.
We have got a lot of fans